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15 February 2022

CIODAY 2021 will be the 17th edition, an annual network event for those at the very top of the demand side of the multi-billion IT market. This event is the annual meeting for more than 700 CIOs, IT VPs and/or IT directors. As our statistics show, the buyer’s side of the market is always extremely well represented (around 70 percent).

Studio 21 – Hilversum
15 February 2022
C-level executives, CIO, CDO, Board members, European Directors and Non-executive Directors

Go Live!

Let’s GO LIVE in a new and challenging reality.

Information technology has quickly become a vital part of the primary process of companies, governments and societies. Much more than a solution for individual challenges or opportunities, this dynamic synergy is about collaborating on a multitude of previously isolated IT components.
So products, services, processes and chain structures can be optimized. In conjunction they form the basis for smart industries, cities, ports, governments and forms of transport. In this new digital world, no IT component can be seen in isolation from others – both internally, across organizations or other boundaries.