Let’s GOLIVE! in a new and challenging reality.

The annual network event for digital decision-makers in business, government, and everything in between.  Not necessarily about the latest tech, this event brings together the community of CIOs, CDOs, and CTOs to share ideas, use cases, and best practices in an informal but luxurious setting. This year’s edition is all about resilience, digital progress and digital strength. Our choice of nominees for the CIO of the Year Award and the new Tech Hero Award reflects this. For both up-and-coming techies as well as seasoned executives, tiny start-ups and big corporates. This is your day!

Studio 21 - Hilversum

11 October 2022

C-level executives, CIO, CDO, Board members, European Directors and Non-executive Directors

Resilient and flexible in uncertain time

Flexibility and resilience have long been high on the agenda of CIOs, CTOs, and other IT leaders. After all, the playing field in which their organizations operate is becoming increasingly global – both in terms of opportunities and threats. In recent months and weeks, geopolitical shifts and tensions have further underlined the importance of security, defensibility, and agility.
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CIODAY21 Aftermovie

CIODAY21 Aftermovie

CIODAY2021 was all about resilience and flexibility in uncertain times. We finally had the opportunity to GO LIVE and meet in person again. This 17th edition brought new insights and interesting best practices on how to reduce pain and create gain. Relive CIODAY2021...

Mel Jacobs is CIO of the Year 2021

Mel Jacobs is CIO of the Year 2021

Mel Jacobs, CIO Private Banking and Corporate and Institutional Banking at ABN AMRO Bank, is the winner of the 2021 CIO of the Year Award. The prize is a recognition for her major role in the digital transformation of the organization. “Mel Jacobs is very good at...