CIODAY 2021 will be the 17th edition, an annual network event for those at the very top of the demand side of the multi-billion IT market. This event is the annual meeting for more than 700 CIOs, IT VPs and/or IT directors. As our statistics show, the buyer’s side of the market is always extremely well represented (around 70 percent).

November 23, 2021
C-level executives, CIO, CDO, Board members, European Directors and Non-executive Directors

Let's talk Top-line!

Making sure you are inspired and informed

We live and work in a highly competitive environment with fast changing business and operating models. Worldwide economic and societal changes are accelerated by an increasing deployment and monetization of modern technology. These dynamics more than ever puts CIOs in the center of transformations, performance driven cultures and new forms of leadership. It’s Time for Tech leaders to Talk Top-line!

Of course this year’s CIODAY will be different due to Covid-19, but we’ll still create and promise some true top-line elements. Think of top-line speakers providing the right input for top-line discussions during workshops with top-line peers and partners. We will also create the perfect setting for the CIO of the Year Award ceremony!