CIODAY 2018 will be the 14th edition, an annual network event for those at the very top of the demand side of the multi billion IT market. This two day event is the annual meeting for more than 650 CIOs, IT VPs and/or IT directors. As our statistics show, the buyer’s side of the market is always extremely well represented (around 70 percent).



Last year we didn’t talk about why organizations have to change and transform. And we did not say what they should do. We focused on The Big How.

What is going on?
The transformation by disruptive forces in the economy, technology and society is still going on. The democratization of media and technology has a profound influence on organizations, sectors and even entire nations. Economic models seem to become obsolete in no time.

What the effects of disruptive forces will be, is anybody’s guess. But some inspiring answers have been found. Examples of real value and disruption, in the fields of economics, HR, the consumer, organisation, mobility, utilities and health. For the time being, all challenges are marked by scarcity. But what if we find ourselves with a surplus, as announced by several experts. Everything will be different, no doubt about that.

Is there an answer?
It is clear that important goals are scalability, flexibility, operating in ecosystems and self-steering organisation. This is all-important, considering the developments in digital, data and disruption. Technology is everywhere, so leaders have to become digital leaders. On the other hand, CIOs are moving towards business and management, to drive the application of technology as a force to generate innovative services, products and to address new target groups.

Did we reach final conclusions at last year’s CIODAY?
No, we are still exploring. The Big How – part 2 is on. We did say that a holistic view on change is needed: culturally, organizationally, business-wise, operationally, technologically, and also in terms of leadership. No hard and fast plans or objectives, no frameworks, but a strategy, a course and a path of exploring and developing.

Find answers at CIODAY 2018
What matters is not what happens or why. The main requirement is that managers and organizations know how they can deal with it. Successful companies no longer seem to have huge, revolutionary programmes in mind; with agility they cautiously but vigorously move in the intended direction. Their executives are the precursors, looking for the common denominator within a range of challenges. They do this cross-functionally, so on the basis of interaction on a broad scale. This may well lead to a push to new for possibilities at C level, as positions change, disappear or merge, and new roles emerge. Perhaps, the CIO’s best days are yet to come!

At CIODAY 2018 we will present some of the best and most inspiring cases. Real-world models of how to deal with fundamental changes and disruption. All cases are already classic examples of how to achieve top line growth in a disruptive, digital era. Proposed and presented by CIOs and CEOs.

The question is how we are going to take care of the Big How. You might find your answer at CIODAY.


Beurs van Berlage
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Monday & Tuesday
November 26 + 27, 2018


C-level executives, CIO, CDO, Board members, European Directors and Non-executive Directors


Drawing hundreds of technology leaders together to connect, learn and do business

After an intensive pre-conference programme on November 26th (invite only) the attendees are invited to join a select group of partners for the CIO VIP Dinner.

Exquisite dishes and drinks, a fantastic and festive networking evening supported with spectaculair acts by known artists. A wonderful opportunity to discuss CIODAY and business with your peers. We guarantee it will be a day to remember.

Fantastic Speaker Line-up

Making sure you are inspired and informed

The plenary programme will present the best speakers we can find to inform, inspire and shock you on the topics of Technology, Economy and Society. Researchers, content matter experts, CIOs, CDOs and CTOs, influencers and the like will take the spotlight at CIODAY!

In the afternoon numerous sessions are held, such as exclusive masterclasses with top speakers like George Colony, Manfred Kets de Vries, Fons Trumpets, Thornton May, Frank Modruson and many others. In addition, the days are characterized by inspiring High Speed ​​Keynotes, interactive Round Table Sessions, in-depth Expert Sessions and the annual announcement of the new CIO of the Year.

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Beurs van Berlage - Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam

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