Zaheer Sacranie (XXImo): “Technology and changing mobility needs are driving our expansion”


Business mobility management provider XXImo aims to revolutionize flexible, sustainable, and borderless travel for employees across Europe. We have an extremely high ambition, says CTO Zaheer Sacranie, nominated for the Tech Hero Award.

The company has to navigate the intricate processes and requirements of setting up new ventures in multiple countries and ensure platform compatibility with local payments, expense management, and mobility schemes, plus tax and carbon emissions reporting requirements.

“It’s a formidable challenge,” says Sacranie. “In an ideal world, you want to do it all at the same time, but in reality, it requires a measured approach. Our rapid growth has seen nearly half of our workforce joining in the past year. This presents challenges from a human resources perspective and the overarching ambition to expand.”

Technology plays a fundamental role within the company. “Externally, we position ourselves as a mobility platform company, but internally, we align more with the fintech sector. Technology, financial services, local rules and regulations integrations are the main pillars supporting our expansion.”

Sacranie’s leadership philosophy centers on collaboration. “I have a couple of key principles. Work with the team, stay true to the plan, and actively participate in the journey. Do not manage from a distance, be involved, and play a supporting role in day-to-day operations. If you expect hard work from your team, be prepared to work alongside them. And when it’s time to celebrate, do so together.”

As enablers, we bring the entire company on board to respond to new trends and changing customer needs.

The CTO emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with the right talent. “I don’t often get involved in the minutiae. That’s where having the right people comes into play. It’s not about having the best individuals; it’s about having the ones who can translate your ambitions into an executable plan. And then, you need to follow that plan and provide unwavering support. The plan should align with your ambitions and the company’s goals.”

The whole company is involved in swiftly adapting to the dynamic mobility market. “Our market adapts quickly. As enablers, we bring the entire company on board to respond to new trends and changing customer needs. We collaborate daily with our product team to chart the innovative product roadmap; we work with the international expansion team to establish new country openings and engage with the commercial team for seamless customer onboarding.”

Recent milestones, such as launching in the UK, becoming a regulated Payment and Electronic Money Institution, and signing a Visa Principal Membership agreement, have cleared the path for future growth.

Yet, Sacranie’s true source of pride lies in the remarkable individuals who have joined the company. “We recently had a company-wide strategy update, and it was heartening to see so many fresh faces at the meeting. We are attracting the right talent, and that’s a fantastic accomplishment for our vision. We are moving quickly and in the right direction.”