CIO of the Year 2021

Mel Jacobs, CIO Private Banking and Corporate and Institutional Banking bij ABN AMRO Bank, is winnaar van de CIO of the Year Award 2021. Zij dankt de prijs aan haar grote rol in de digitale transformatie van de bank. “Mel Jacobs is zeer goed in het vertalen van de purpose van ABN AMRO in doelstellingen voor de digitale transformatie”, zegt juryvoorzitter Bernhard van Oranje. “Als jury hebben we gezien hoe ze weet te bepalen welke digitale producten nodig zijn. Vervolgens weet ze koers te houden.”

Winners for life

The CIO of the Year Award has the aim to give recognition to the best performing CIO in that year. The performance aspects being measured entails IT performance, IT agility and project performance/attractiveness. But not only the performance aspects will be of importance. Just like last year the election will focus on leadership aspects and business and boardroom credibility.

Get the job done is the theme of this years CIODAY. No misunderstanding, the digital transformation is not a one-off but going concern. Your participation in CIODAY will help you, not only to get ready but also to make sure you can strongly move forward.

Pre-selection of pre-nominees.

The CIO of the Year Award is based on a thorough process. The criteria and the procedure have been developed over the past ten years together with CIO Platform Nederland (CIO platform of top 100 organisations in the Netherlands), CIO Magazine and Research organisations: The Boston Consulting Group and Squadra.


The top nominees are chosen by the jury based on the results of the web questionnaire that is be measured and ranked by the Boston Consulting Group. Personal validation checks are conducted by Squadra and Plan B.

Jury Selection

A final meeting with the nominees takes place in October. The jury (Rob Beijleveld) will also conduct the validation checks with CEO, CFO, and/or COO of each top nominee on all the results (survey, interview, and assessment). The CIO of the Year will be presented at CIODAY.

CIO of the Year Award Jury