CIO of the Year Award

Winners for life

The CIO of the Year Award has the aim to give recognition to the best performing CIO in that year. The performance aspects being measured entails IT performance, IT agility and project performance/attractiveness. But not only the performance aspects will be of importance. Just like last year the election will focus on leadership aspects and business and boardroom credibility.

The Big How!
The new alliance of powers in economics, technology and society is turning the world upside down. The question is no longer why organisations have to change or transform, and what has to happen seems to be obvious. All that matters now is how. Leadership is the major aspect.
What companies need to achieve is flexibility, scalability, self-organisation, and operating in ecosystems. Leaders stretch their roles, as technology is everywhere. CIOs are moving towards business and management, in which technology is a means to enhance efficiency no longer but a way to tap into new products, services and target groups. Thinking in terms of mission, vision and strategy is abandoned, whereas the road maps of the future are mere dots on the horizon.

Pre-selection of pre-nominees.

The CIO of the Year Award 2017 is based on a well founded criteria process. The process and criteria have been developed over the past ten years together with CIO Platform Nederland (CIO platform of top 100 organisations in NL), CIO Magazine and Research organizations: The Boston Consulting Group and Linqhu.


The top 5 nominees are chosen by the jury based on the results of the web questionnaire that is be measured and ranked by the Boston Consulting Group. Personal validation checks are conducted by Linqhu and Plan B.

Jury Selection

A final meeting with the nominees will take place in October 2017. Jury (Rob Beijleveld) will also conduct the validation checks with CEO, CFO, and/or COO of each top 5 nominees on all the gathered survey-, interview- and assessment results. The CIO of the Year will be presented at CIODAY.

CIO of the Year Award Jury

CIO of the Year 2016

Ron van Kemenade received the award for his crucial role in the trail-blazing digital development of ING. “With his focus on technology he lays the foundation of an entirely new organisation, the contours of which are gradually becoming visible,” chairman of the jury Bernhard van Oranje said when he motivated the choice. “It is wonderful to see how he gets inspired by the big digital global players.”

Van Kemenade turned out to be the best in virtually all criteria of the selection process: the total score of the qualitative and quantitative review by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the intensive leadership assessment of Linqhu, and the final interview with the jury. Although he comes less to the fore in the Dutch CIO community than the other nominees, he is highly appreciated by fellow IT managers. “We have selected a leader who positions IT and technology in the organisation in a fundamentally different way,” Van Oranje explained.

The CIO of the Year Award was presented at the CIODAY in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage on Tuesday, 29 November. Over 700 senior IT officials witnessed the occasion. The other nominees for the title were Michel van Hout (Transavia), René van Sandijk (Vanderlande), Hendrik-Jan Smaal (Heijmans), Gerard Spans (Arcadis) and Teun van der Vorm (ANWB).

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