Jeroen van Glabbeek ( “Our company is technology”

17-10-2023 is constantly finding new practical applications for the technology it develops. The big task is to deploy the solutions in such a way that they actually contribute to society, says CEO Jeroen van Glabbeek, who was recently nominated for the Tech Hero Award.

His company – Van Glabbeek is founder – creates cloud software for conversational commerce that enables organizations to enable a superior customer experience.’s communication and payment platform allows marketing, sales, and customer service to automate their engagement with customers across multiple mobile channels and offer payment options in combination.

“We make a lot of things better, safer, or more beautiful. Whether it’s customer contact centers, marketing, financial services, communications services, or music festivals. All those different technologies we deploy play an important role in society. Take payment with a QR code, with a cell phone, or the application of AI… we have always been introducing technologies and making them work successfully. And we are about nine months ahead of the competition with AI.”

“I’m quite into details. I think a lot of things in society don’t go well because the details aren’t right.”

Currently, is marketing its AI solution globally. With it, companies can deploy language model-supported software that can have conversations with target audiences. “We offer it in a very controlled way, with company-specific knowledge. It is very important that the solution has the knowledge that is present in the company, but also the tone of voice that a customer likes.”

The company is also refining its marketing solution, allowing customers to customize their tone of voice even to the recipient. About 100 people are working on that, based on AI technology the company has had in-house for some time. “By Dutch standards, we’re pretty big on that,” the CTO says.

“I’m quite into details. I think a lot of things in society don’t go well because the details aren’t right. Not just the technology, the finances have to be right too. Your staff has to be able to play their part and then customers also have to be able to do something with your offering. Keeping those four things at the right level is what I’m most concerned with in my role.”