Digitization on Boards, 5th Edition: Insights from High Performance


Key Learnings from Tech Leaders and Amrop Partners on Digitization on Boards

Amrop’s Global Digital Practice is privileged to have an extensive network and glocal expertise. We would love to help you on your journey to digitize your business – to make it more focused, efficient, sustainable, and successful!

Many organizations have pursued large-scale digital transformation in the past years, but still haven’t seen the expected impact on revenue or costs. We have observed a number of missteps made by the leaders of these organizations and we can identify what they have not done well. We have worked with top-performing companies who have done it differently and share their successes with you in our report.

As we all know, investing time to explore and read about successful practices is a must for great leaders. We welcome you all – our clients, board members, and executives – to draw inspiration and insights from our report. Here we approach the question of digitization from various angles and by sharing these key learnings. We hope this report will help you in identifying emerging opportunities, uncovering unexpected value, and creating new business models.

In summary, our report contains:

  • Client success stories
  • Experiences working at a global level with leaders all over the world
  • Successful cases of building Digital teams
  • Subsector insights in Private Equity backed business, Telecom, Cybersecurity, SaaS, eCommerce, Fintech, and others
  • Valuable insights of thought leaders from successful companies and learnings from top events
  • And much more

Download the report

To find out more reach out to us on digital.practice[at]amrop.com or contact the Amrop Digital Practice members in your country.