Announcing UiPath Autopilot™: Your partner for AI at work


By Graham Sheldon

I’m thrilled to unveil UiPath Autopilot™, a set of new AI-powered experiences across the UiPath Business Automation Platform that make every user, from interns to CEOs, more productive.

What can I do with Autopilot?

There are multiple uses for UiPath Autopilot across the platform, and they help different people in different ways. I’m particularly excited about Autopilot for Assistant. It’s your ultimate desktop partner. It doesn’t just help you brainstorm content like many other AI tools. Autopilot helps you take automated action.

I use Autopilot for Assistant for everything from ordering my go-to Subway lunch order to automating the travel expense process.

I’m also excited about Autopilot for Apps and how it can accelerate the long-promised notion of “digital transformation.” We still struggle with paper-heavy processes at our doctor’s offices, government buildings, and banks. At times, it’s felt like the problem of paper has been intractable.

But Autopilot has an answer to that, too. By taking your words or even screenshots or PDFs from paper documents as input, Autopilot for Apps can create interfaces for you. Autopilot for Studio can extend this with robust automation. We like to say this enables “one-click digital transformation” for your company.

In that spirit, Autopilot goes far beyond UiPath Apps and Assistant. This is where it will show up for you across the UiPath Business Automation Platform.

For everyone

Autopilot for Assistant is an AI companion that helps you tackle your daily task list. It securely blends the best of Generative AI and Specialized AI to work with a wide variety of systems and documents and take real action. Autopilot for Assistant can discover and run existing automations from your company. It can also use these as building blocks, stringing them together to accomplish advanced actions. When there is no prebuilt automation for what you are trying to get done, it can use AI to create new ones on the fly.