Stig Martin Fiskå

The AI game of value in the blue economy

Operate smarter and more sustainably using AI. Learn how AI, data, and sensors contribute to ocean health while fostering the ‘blue economy’. Stig Martin Fiska is a Norwegian entrepreneur and a recognized change agent, having co-founded several successful digital companies. He will provide insight into how AI and robotics operate in the challenging real world.

More than 70 percent of all oxygen is produced by the oceans, and more than 3.3 billion people have their livelihoods connected to the oceans. The blue economy encompasses four economic sectors related to oceans, seas, and coasts: food and aquaculture, transportation and shipping, renewable energy, and finally, purification and biodiversity.

This year, Fiska started as the Global Head of Cognizant Ocean: an initiative to create more sustainable ways of growing the economy of heavy asset industries, specifically around the oceans. “This economy is estimated to reach $6 trillion by 2030, but without increasing sustainability, we can’t sustain the industries or humanity,” he states.

One of the partners is Tidal from Alphabet X’s moonshot factory (formerly Google X). “Our cooperation is focused on delivering solutions to all four sectors of the blue economy, which combined represent a significant opportunity to decarbonize large ocean-based industries and protect the ocean.”

According to Stig Martin Fiska, growth does not exclude sustainability or profitability. “By creating innovative technologies, co-creating with clients, partners, and the industries themselves, we are on a path to innovate how we can increase efficiency while reducing costs and, at the same time, giving back to our world’s lungs: the oceans.”

Fiska founded his first enterprise at the age of 16. He has participated in and led hundreds of tech and digital projects. He is recognized for developing innovative concepts for AI, digital communication, and software solutions where software intelligently supports humans. As a C-level advisor, he loves to be inspired as well as to inspire. He is a firm believer in creating and discovering value between people, digital technology, and business.