Rob Visser

Responsible implementation of AI in the insurance sector

Rob Visser, NN Group CIO and incumbent CIO of the Year, believes that ‘exceptional people create outstanding outcomes’. He spearheads the global strategic IT and technology initiatives of NN Group, emphasising the critical role of engineering, craftsmanship, and customer-centricity in successful digital transformation. For Visser, understanding and meeting customer desires and requirements is paramount.

In this keynote address, he will delve into NN’s conscientious deployment of AI to enhance process efficiency and support colleagues in handling administrative tasks, thereby enabling them to prioritise the well-being of their customers.

He will elaborate on use cases within NN during his keynote, such as automated call logging, which assists customer contact centre employees with administrative tasks.

At the same time, Rob Visser underscores the importance of applying these new capabilities ethically, highlighting, “Every action we take must ultimately serve our customers’ best interests.”

A year ago, Rob Visser was bestowed with the prestigious title of CIO of the Year for 2022. He seamlessly combines passion, experience, and a strong sense of responsibility with an extensive knowledge of IT. This unique blend enables him to navigate effortlessly across all layers of the organiaation. His track record boasts successful global transformation programmes, sourcing initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.