Rob Elsinga

Convince fellow executives of the power of AI

How do you enable CIOs and other technology leaders to convince their colleagues at the boardroom table of the enormous possibilities that artificial intelligence and other modern technologies offer? The presentation by Rob Elsinga, National Technology Officer (NTO) for Microsoft in the Netherlands, revolves around that question and challenge. In addition to all opportunities, he also looks at limitations and preconditions, for example in the field of national legislation and regulations.

“See it as a pitch around the opportunities and possibilities of AI,” says Elsinga, who as NTO can draw on success stories at various leading Dutch corporates. Just by mentioning examples his presentations generally resonate very well. It is important that it is mainly a discussion at management and business level and not an IT story. “Ultimately, AI mainly helps departments such as HR, sales and marketing. In all these areas, it is a huge transformative force.”

Rob Elsinga distinguishes several forms of artificial intelligence. Basically, it is about technology that can (help) improve existing products and processes. An example of this is the application of AI-based support in Microsoft’s own software. Besides that AI also plays a role in creating new products and types of services.

Rob Elsinga is a technology executive with a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their impact on society. As the National Technology Officer and member of the leadership team for Microsoft in the Netherlands, he is responsible for shaping the company’s strategy and vision on how to leverage these technologies to create positive impact for business and society. He leads the Dutch Technology Office and oversees the landscape of emerging technologies, cyber security, sovereignty, privacy, and compliance.

Rob is at the forefront of the latest developments in generative AI and is passionate about its potential to transform industries and enhance human creativity. As a speaker and writer, he likes to share and shape his insights and perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of generative AI, and to explore how it can be harnessed to create value for businesses and society.

Rob started over 20 years ago at Microsoft as Director Marketing for the Modern Workplace and worked a large part of his Microsoft career in leading consulting teams and as CTO for Public Sector.