Jim de Beer

Real-time data: better basis for business outcome?

Jim de Beer is CEO and founder of Based.io, a fast-growing company that builds redundant and hyperscale real-time data platforms. Good enough, for example, to handle all the voting traffic during the Eurovision Song Contest. But also for real-time updating of information from on e-commerce sites, payments for banking, complex logistics operations and other processes within mostly large and mission-critical dynamics.

Using AI, one is also able to unleash intelligent analysis and other models on newly verzxamined and existing data. Based on this, the Forestry Commission, for example, can use data derived from drones to precisely map how many diseased trees are in a given area. Thus, according to the CEO, data is no longer static but dynamic and always up-to-date.

Especially focused on services such as around the Eurovision Song Contest, a new label has now been created: Once.net, where De Beer has the role of CTO. With an eye on security and scalability, they gratefully use Cloudflare. “We process the data, they handle the security and scalability of the network.”

De Beer continued: “The song festival was a technically and geopolitically extremely exciting case study: a live event attracting 30 million visitors within three hours, with 1.3 million people wanting to vote at the same time. Meanwhile, numerous attacks were repelled from boycotted Russia, among others. Among other things, Cloudflare helped in the lightning-fast indentication of suspicious users.”

Dirk-Jan van Helmond, Director Solutions Engineering EMEA at Cloudflare, also praises the interaction. This has since grown into a full-fledged technology and business partnership. “What we do together directly touches our so-called Connectivity Cloud, focused on connectivity, performance and security. Mostly within an ecosystem of customers and (other), mainly data storage and processing focused hyperscalers.”

In addition to text and explanation of Based.io and Once.net’s roadmap, Jim de Beer, with the help of Cloudflare, will be giving a live demo in store during CIODAY, which will include visitors themselves.