Euan Davis
<p>‘Designing a future-ready business’</p> <p>How future-ready is your business? We live in a time when energy spikes, soaring inflation, broken supply chains and climate change dominate the news headlines and make business planning incredibly complex. So is your company prepared for what happens next?</p> <p>How you get to be future-ready is the only work that matters today. Euan Davis, Head of Research at Cognizant Technology Solutions, can tell you where to start. Working with the Economist Impact Group, Cognizant can reveal what it takes to be a modern business ready for anything. In addition, the research shows how technology, talent, and ESG strategies work together to ensure future performance.</p> <p>During CIODAY, Euan Davis will discuss the most striking findings from his research in his keynote, and he offers the audience both food for thought and concrete tools to help you become future-ready.</p>