Bhuvan Panwar

Driving transformation through multifaceted roles

As Chief Digital Innovation, Automation & Analytics, Bhuvan Panwar plays a multiple connecting role in the digitization of Asahi Europe & International, a Japanese beverage products company renowned for brands such as Grolsch and Peroni. Apart from the practical use and embedding of possibilities in the field of cloud, artificial intelligence and IoT, he is recognized for his role as an enabler of top-down and at the same time bottom-up transformation.

He strives for maximizing the added value of the right data and cutting-edge technology for the benefit of business, IT, and the entire organization. “For me, the easiest thing is to simply use and offer technological tools,” the Chief Digital Innovation, Automation & Analytics says. “But the main thing is that these resources are used in an effective way. To achieve this, I use a number of frameworks and methodologies.”

Panwar actively fosters an environment of innovation through initiatives like hackathons and ongoing dialogues among stakeholders on the added value of technology in various domains. He collaborates with stakeholders across Legal, IT Development and Security as he embraces AI, IoT and other capabilities, ensuring that the company’s endeavors align with its strategic goals.

Since his assignment in 2020 he also introduced the so-called ‘micro transformations’ at Asahi, in which specific opportunities and challenges are tackled based on multidisciplinary, Agile principles. “This approach enables us to create impact incrementally across various segments within the organization through the use of technology. These small successes are fueling internal support.”

The Chief Digital Innovation, Automation & Analytics says he has the full support of C-level colleagues within various domains such as finance, information technology and HR. “Everything is developing at an enormous speed, and there is a great temptation to pick up everything that comes along. But we must keep our core objectives in mind. Why do we do what we do? And what do we do ourselves?” Additionally, he recognizes the crucial role played by partners like Tech Mahindra.

Bhuvan Panwar believes that traditional ERP implementations and a successful cloud transition are integral to capitalizing on the opportunities presented by emerging technologies. This transition paves the way for Asahi’s various production facilities across Europe and beyond to evolve into smart factories. The mentioned partner plays a pivotal role in this transformation, offering information technology services, engineering services, and business process outsourcing to organizations across vertical and horizontal markets.

Asahi is the largest of the four major beer brewers in Japan. In response to a maturing domestic beer market, the company expanded its geographic reach and diversified its business through the acquisition of renowned beer enterprises in Western Europe and Central Eastern Europe. This strategic move has propelled Asahi to secure a significant market share in several European countries, with Dutch Grolsch being one of the notable brands in its extensive portfolio.

Bhuvan Panwar is a Finance Graduate with more than 15 years years experience in automation, innovation & shared services. The current Chief Digital of Asahi worked across Finance and Accounting domains but has also engaged closely with business users for analyzing their requirements. His career highlights include establishing and executing Center of Excellence governance and methodology.

Until three years ago, Bhuvan Panwar served as the Manager Business Solutions & Transitions at Serco. Prior to that, from 2008 to 2012, he held the position of Transition Manager at Accenture. His career traces back to his early experiences at American Express.