Bert Dillen

Embracing Disruptive Forces in the Automotive Industry

As a technology leader, how do you address the profound disruptive changes currently unfolding in the automotive sector, and how can you harness these transformations to your advantage through modern technological means? These questions lie at the heart of Bert Dillen’s contribution, who serves as the Head of Information Technology Strategy & Operations at Mazda Motor Europe.

Dillen boasts a senior leadership career spanning over two decades, encompassing all aspects of supply chain and distribution, with a primary focus on the automotive domain. Within Mazda Motor Europe, his role extends to both operational and strategic domains. Prior to his current position, Dillen held significant roles such as Director of IT and Logistics Manager at Mazda and Leiter Operative Logistik within Audi. He is recognized as a driving force behind digital dexterity and a catalyst for organizational change.

The automotive industry is in a state of perpetual transformation: electrification, evolving customer preferences and demands, supply chain challenges, the emergence of new market players, innovative sales models, and changes in the way cars are utilized. Technological advancements often serve as the impetus behind these shifts, placing CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, and other leaders in pivotal roles.

At CIODAY, Bert Dillen will delve into the strategic vision, ambitions, and their practical execution. Drawing from his extensive experience, he can offer insights from various angles, including the supply chain and distribution domain, as well as broader disruptive forces shaping the global industry. Consider, for instance, the transformative potential of generative AI, as he aptly puts it, “That could revolutionize the entire business.”

The Head of Information Technology, Strategy & Operations will also focus on the role of the partner ecosystem. One key player in this dynamic landscape is Wipro, with whom Mazda Motor Europe maintains a robust partnership across various fronts. This collaboration extends from application development to business transformation in e-commerce, platform integration, and other value and business-driven programs.

Mazda Motor Europe serves as the regional headquarters of Mazda, established in 1989 and situated in Leverkusen, Germany. Its origins trace back to 1967, marking Mazda’s full-scale exports to the European continent. Mazda Motor Europe develops strategies, concepts, and processes that effectively position Mazda in the European market. It coordinates the activities of all national sales companies and independent distributors across 42 markets. An international team comprising over 200 employees engages in daily dialogues with Mazda entities and its parent company in Japan to ensure seamless operations and a unified voice for the customers.”