Ashok Krish
<p>Ashok Krish, Global Head, Digital Workplace at TCS: ‘A radical redesign of the workplace’ Heading the Digital Workplace unit of TCS, Ashok Krish helps large organizations reimagine the future of work for their employees. A better and more personal (remote) employee experience requires a radical rethink of the workplace. Not just seen as physical offices, devices and collaboration tools, but a converged digital and personalized working environment. “We are currently at the inflection point where employee experience is not seen as a cost to manage, but the ‘center of the universe’ that also forms the basis for the best customer experience,” he states. His approach consists of three layers: technology, culture and board level engagement. During CIODAY Ashok will show examples how this can work in practice and share results from leading organizations worldwide. Ashok Krish’s team works at the intersection of design, technology and behavioural science and helps conceptualize and implement secure, borderless workspaces. “I additionally head the Digital Workplace Reimagination initiative within TCS, designing, building and implementing social collaboration, HR applications and gamified microlearning platforms for 450,000 associates.” Keywords: persuasive design, digital nudging, knowledge experiences, workplace innovation and creativity.</p>