Anjalie Nawaratne

Many companies and their leaders are eager to embrace artificial intelligence on a broad scale. One of the prerequisites for AI is the availability and usability of the right data. The significant advantage here is that organizations can swiftly advance in developing value-driven initiatives based on this. Anjalie Nawaratne, VP of Data Transformation and Chief Business Architect at Springer Nature Group, emphasizes that companies and their technology leaders can already achieve remarkable results using the resources they have in-house.

Springer Nature Group is an ambitious, digitally-driven publishing house with a dynamic presence. With over 11,000 employees across 200 offices in 45 countries and on all continents, it stands as the world’s largest academic book publisher and the first to publish more than one million ‘open access’ articles.

For over 180 years, its imprints, books, journals, platforms, and technology solutions have remained a trusted source of knowledge. Today, Springer Nature ensures that fundamental knowledge is not only accessible but also verifiable, comprehensible, and actionable, thereby facilitating continued global progress. Anjalie Nawaratne, who possesses extensive hands-on experience in product development, service creation, and leadership through transformative processes, proudly asserts: “We are transitioning from a legacy model to an innovative one.”

Nawaratne’s approach doesn’t start with technology. She points out, “If you primarily focus on a technological solution, you’ll end up with software or another technical tool. But if you center your efforts on achieving business outcomes, that’s what you’ll ultimately realize.”

Regarding data, she has collaborated with partners to develop several use cases, resulting in the creation of new products and services. Her collaboration extends to various aspects with Equal Experts, including product and service development, architecture, and general advisory. During her keynote at CIODAY2023, Anjalie Nawaratne will elucidate how she aligns her strategy with the needs, requirements, and opportunities of the business, as well as how she establishes the foundation for value-driven initiatives in the realm of AI.