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  • DAY 1: Pre-conference

    23 November (invitation only)


    24 November

  • DAY 2: Sessions

    24 November

  • Last year we had the most ‘funcky’ opening ever with Candy Dulfer. And as any year the past 14 years we will surprise and inspire you during the Grand Opening of the 15th edition CIODAY. This year……. No! We will not tell you. We did not do this the past 14 years, so also not this year. We will not ‘mind-fuck’ you with some half clues nor put you on the wrong leg so to speak. Just (a)wait and see until Tuesday, November 26 at 09:15!

  • HRH Bernhard van Oranje-Nassau will present the award ceremony of the CIO of the Year 2019 Award.