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  • DAY 1: Pre-conference

    November 26th (invite only)


    November 27th

  • The Annual CIO of the Year Award ceremony.

    HRH Bernhard van Oranje-Nassau will present the 2017 winner.

    More information about the 2017 Nominees

  • DAY 2: Sessions

    November 27th

  • Techonomy Track

    November 27th

  • Digitization, Disruption and Tech Economy. Three terms that are becoming more common in the Dutch boardrooms lately. Digitization has far-reaching consequences for citizens, businesses and governments. The impact is felt in daily life, business operations and policy. It is also the driving force behind the disruption deployed by established organizations and newcomers. ‘Old’ companies come up with new and different services and products. Newcomers in turn attack the established order with their disruptive innovations. This interplay hurls the change from the classical economy to a Tech Economy.

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