Innovation Spaces

CIODAY embraces innovation, with the partner plaza as an ultimate showcase. The partner plaza will be filled with so-called innovation spaces, areas where the partners of CIODAY showcase their latest innovation. Last year we have been amazed by new technologies, innovative ideas and a great atmosphere. This year promises to be even bigger, better and bolder!

Guided tours

During the coffee and lunch breaks you also have the opportunity to participate in a “Guided Tour”. This tour will take you along all Innovation Spaces from our partners and will take about 30 minutes. Meet the designated tour guides which will walk with you and introduce the specific solutions to the group.

Thomas Beelaerts, Manager Innovation Advisory at KPMG

In this changing world the possibilities of many technologies far exceed the ability of any one firm to capitalize on them. Therefore, the key to competitive advantage is no longer to optimize value chains, but to extend capabilities through collaboration, either directly or through platforms. In this networked world, the best way to become a dominant player is to be an indispensable partner. Today, I will be your partner to show you all the fascinating innovations technology brings us. It is a pleasure to guide you through the innovation desks, weaving through topics as precision agriculture, A.I. powered chatbots, cloud platforms and technology innovation. The last year I have focused mainly on open- and business model innovation, which has helped me by the preparations for these CIO days. Hope to see you there!

Rali Genova, Manager Digital Advisory at KPMG

When I first started in IT, fresh out of college in the distant 2007, IT departments were still only cost centers, there to support “the needs of the Business” and very few CIOs were part of the board of companies. Luckily, things have changed since and I am excited to be in the middle of that change!

The CIOs of today need to be strategists and business leaders. They need to not only understand technology, but also people and change and what capabilities are needed to operate as part of an ecosystem, while keeping customer focus as central. While this list may sound daunting, to me it sounds like an opportunity to learn and explore. Let me take you on a journey through the innovation desks where you can see how all of these demands, alongside developments such as robotics, data and analytics and platform economies come together.

Julie de Bruijn, Consultant Digital Advisory at KPMG

In today’s world we are all surrounded by IT. It connects the business with its customers and vice versa. The pace at which IT is evolving truly fascinates me as this has a major influence on the world to whatever extent you can imagine. We all became dependent on IT. This dependency also applies to me and I have been interested in new technologies for as long as I can remember. I have the luck that I am working with IT, not just by using my computer or telephone, no I am part of the Digital Advisory team at KPMG. We work with organizations that want to change or speed-up their IT in order to stay relevant. I think, implementing or understanding new technologies is one only just one part, just as important is that people within the organization will adopt and make use of these new technologies. People’s behaviour has to be adapted to all these new technologies. Everything needs to be connected. Today, I am very excited to take you on a journey through the innovation desks. So let’s go!

Sam Vermeulen, Consultant Innovation Advisory at KPMG

My name is Sam, and I am looking forward to guiding you today. I will show you around and tell you more about various impressive digital solutions and innovations. At KPMG Innovation Advisory, we work with organizations that want to speed-up innovation in order to stay relevant. The companies that are presented here have such drive and focus regarding innovation and technology, that I trust you will leave this event inspired and full of new insights. If there is anything you would like to follow-up on or understand even more, please feel free to ask.

Innovation Spaces

Cognizant is the main partner of the TU Delft ‘Talaria’ team. The aim of this team of 30 students is to develop a working prototype of an innovative personal flying device and to spearhead a revolution in the aviation industry. Before long, everyone will be able to go fly right from their very own homes.
As the revolution in personal air mobility begins, Talaria is partnering with Cognizant to develop on the on-board computer for sensing and actuation.
Talaria is committed to minimizing noise impacts and to develop a device which has zero emission during operation that utilize autonomous or semi-autonomous systems to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency. Come to see the proto type at our innovation cube and experience the VR ride!

What’s the business value of 5G, Internet of Things, Cloud and Blockchain? And how do you get the job done bringing it all together? T-Systems will demonstrate this with three use cases on CIODAY. With our 5G campus network demonstration we show how we have built a smart factory for Osram Automotive. In this factory machines talk with robots for a more efficient and reliable production process. The Connected Greenhouse showcase explains how you can optimize the whole value chain with SAP combined and integrated with modern technologies like blockchain, IoT and 5G. And last but not least: we show the most innovative connected mountain bike of the world: The Greyp G6. So get inspired and visit our innovation corner.

T-Systems – Innovation Center | © Verkijk

Analytics factory: how data analytics is becoming the backbone of your enterprise
The way we handle data is changing fast; using tools and developing use-cases in isolated silos is no longer an option. Now that data is so vital we should also give tools and infrastructures for analytics a more solid and structured  place at the heart of the organisation. The KPMG Analytics Factory, where all key elements of data analytics, such as a central data lake, data management & governance, advanced analytics and management reporting are combined smartly, to drive integrated insights across the front-, the middle- and the back-office.

Amazon Web Services
For 13 years, Amazon Web Services delivers the broadest range of web services varying from security, compute and storage, to Artificial Intelligence, robotics and Internet of things.  To help the largest Enterprises and coolest startups improve customer experience, products and processes. Drive a Formula 1 track and learn how we improve Formula 1 fan experience with Machine Learning; Learn how to create how to improve your EBIT with the smart factory Industry 4.0 solution and recognition techniques. And learn how to improve customer experience with live translation and sentiment analysis by making your own phone call.

Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
The BCI is a device that can read signals from your brain, digitize them, and transmit them to a computer for processing and analysis.​ Accenture will be present to educate about this technology and its potential use cases. Next to that there will be live demos to experience how brainwaves can be translated into actions for computer software.

The future is nearer than you think
But what will it look like? DXC is already out there, guiding leading brands in a range of industries on their leap forward. From a solid digital foundation, supported by multi-cloud, to leading-edge applications and AI. Join us to see and hear how you can make your next step.

The world of 5G starts here
5G is not just the next phase of mobile networks. Of course apps on your smartphone will load even faster, but it goes much further than that. 5G is going to change the world as we know it, and offers unprecedented opportunities that we cannot yet foresee. We are convinced that 5G will change our personal as well as our business life. Why do we believe that? Visit the Vodafone Business Innovation Space and we will let you experience it yourself through a number of 5G demos.

Olympic sailing team operates data driven by 5G and connectivity at sea
KPN is working with the water sports association to gain better insight into the performance of Olympic sailors through the Internet of Things and the latest connectivity technology. Curious how this works and what it looks like? At CIODAY we have a real Olympic sailboat and you can talk about and experience how sensors help our Olympic sailors on their way to success in Tokyo 2020! With the theme “Sail for Gold”, the top athletes are working on their Olympic dream. At our stand you can enjoy this a bit from close by. In addition, we would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities to make your company more data driven with the help of Internet of Things and 5G.

The SDG Experience was initiated by PwC with the goal to inspire all people to take action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in an innovative, exciting and interactive way. It was developed in cooperation with Rooftop Immersive Studio and The Ark. The content puts participants within other worlds, creating involvement by triggering emotions and making it tangible. It highlights both emerging technologies and individual actions that can be used to achieve the SDGs. You can find the aftermovie here.

One of our live blockchain customer is Certified Origin in Italy. Their passion for producing fresh, authentic extra virgin olive oil led them to create a thriving community of family farms. Today, Certified Origin has a global presence, guided their commitment to sustainable growth. Tasked with overcoming the challenges of counterfeiting and fraud within the food industry, they created Bellucci’s unique traceability app, which allows buyers to verify the authenticity of their extra virgin olive oil.

Interested to hear what makes Blockchain a sustainable new technology? Oracle offers an easier way to adopt blockchain and transform enterprises with the industry’s most comprehensive and enterprise grade blockchain platform. Join us at our booth and learn how Oracle is helping customer across different industries make blockchain work and deliver tangible business value.

More and more Digital Transformations are underway, yet Fact-Based Understanding of ‘As Is’ Business Processes is Still Underrated. Our case study demo shows how Celonis Process Mining software is helping hundreds of organisation to:
– Discover: De-Risk your Digital Transformation by 100% Understanding Your Organisation’s Way-of-Working
– Enhance: Pin-point Structural Flaws in Your Business Processes & Predict which In-flight Processes will go ‘off the rails’
– Monitor: Continuously Measure How Processes Perform & Monitor How Processes are Adopted by Business and Customers

Come visit our Innovation space made possible by ServiceNow, ASICS and Nationale Nederlanden, and watch the Customer Experience Video here. The Innovation Experience will showcase how user experiences are being transformed – from Retail In-store and Insurance, to running a new PR at the Rotterdam Marathon.

The 3D race tracker AR app of NTT revolutionizes the fan experience of the Tour de France.
With live-data on group composition, and speed / location data on individual riders visible live, in 3D NTT gives fans around the world a real appreciation for how the terrain and topography in the Tour de France can vary and brings them closer to the race in a way that TV can’t do.

CGI has in-depth knowledge of innovative technologies in the field of 3D modeling and years of expertise in system and services integration. We bring this knowledge and experience together in the 
3D Digital Twin. The power and quality of new solutions is tried and tested in CGI’s iAMLAB working closely together with our clients and specialized software partners. CGI’s 3D Map table showcased at CIOday 2019 provides comprehensive experience of an operational environment (topography). This includes positioning of moving objects (real-time and 3D) as well as other additional (possibly dynamic) objects on static positions. Get inspired! by the experience and practical value of enhancing spatial awareness, improving collaboration between various stakeholders and the power of 3D visualizations in solving complex challenges.

In Formula One racing, where every millisecond counts and data insight is essential for performance, the very best technology and innovation are vital to achieving success.

Snowflake, the data warehouse built for cloud, meets the high standards needed to operate at the pinnacle of motorsport and is proud to be an Innovation Partner of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing for the 2019 season. Powered by Snowflake, the team’s IT infrastructure department can now drive their data center energy usage insight to a new level.

Dassault Systèmes
Experience how virtual worlds – digital ecosystems that extend and improve the real world – allow businesses to imagine, map, model and engineer entire environments. Virtual experience platforms are the infrastructure of these virtual worlds, reducing the distance between places, people, ideas and solutions while enabling new ways of thinking, learning, acting and interacting.

Bringing the creations of Leonardo da Vinci into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we see what a past innovator could have imagined with the technology of the future.

Then view what innovators of today can achieve by harnessing the power of the virtual world; to manage increasing competition and complexity, and constantly innovate to delight and exceed customer expectations.