CIO of the Year Nominees 2020

Winners for life

The jury indicated they were looking for a technology leader who achieved flexibility, scalability, self-organisation, and operating in ecosystems. “Leaders have to stretch their roles, as technology is everywhere.” says Rob Beijleveld, CEO of ICT Media and the initiator of the CIO of the Year Award.

“CIOs are moving towards business and management, in which technology is a means to enhance efficiency no longer but a way to tap into new products, services and target groups.”

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Daniel Gebler

CTO - Picnic

Online supermarket Picknick started as the proverbial garage-style start-up, but quickly caught the attention of investors. Investment rounds followed in 2017 and 2019. Nowadays you can see the characteristic electric delivery vans driving around in many Dutch places. SRV man 2.0? “Picnic is definitely a tech company. We deliver messages, which is one of the possible implementations of our platform, ”said CTO Daniel Gebler.

Marcel Krom

CIO - PostNL

PostNL is a logistics company that is strongly integrated with companies in the e-commerce world. The heart of the company is logistics, but that heart is provided with a digital layer. “IT can no longer fail”, says CIO Marcel Krom, who also has innovation and growth in his portfolio. “In the past ten years you could still have a few hours of downtime, but that is no longer possible. Our IT is intertwined with all business processes, making PostNL an IT company to some extent. ”

Corné Mulders

CIO - UMC Utrecht

In these days you can no longer read a website or newspaper without encountering covid-19. You usually see doctors, IC heads, nurses and managers talking about it. But of course a lot is happening behind the scenes in the field of IT. Corné Mulders provides a glimpse from the UMC Utrecht, where, in the context of the CIO of the Year Award, we also delve deeper into the importance of digitization in healthcare, leadership and the role of the CIO.

Aart Rupert

CIO - Damen Shipyards Group

Damen Shipyards is developing from a shipbuilder to a maritime service provider. Triton, Damen’s connected vessel platform, is central to this ambition. The many sensors in the ships generate large amounts of data, with which services are developed for all kinds of parties in the chain, such as predictive maintenance, remote service and autonomous sailing. What role does CIO Aart Rupert play in this extensive transformation?